We offer a unique collection of flavours crafted by ourselves. Gorge on any one of them, and you are bound to get an experience of a lifetime. Some of our customers have been unable to select a favorite flavour because they love all of them!

So what makes our cookies so special? Our cookies are freshly baked at our shop, using the freshest dough prepared in Abu Dhabi on the same day. We only use the finest ingredients one can find and all our cookies are Gluten Free and Nut Free (Except M&M’s).


Lemons are citrus fruits that have added flavour to human lives for thousands of years. Lemon zest, in particular, has always been a favourite of people of all ages.

So what happens when we unite the tanginess of lemon peels with the sweetness of coconut? Have one of our very own zesty coconut cookies to find out!.


Dates are nutritious fruits renowned for its rich flavour for thousands of years. Their cultural Impact in Middle East Countries is unparalleled. This flavor is for those who have marveled at the magnificence of the stories of Arabian Nights.

Crunchy on the outside and textured like a date on the inside, this one is the wonder of the desert.

Ginger and Pepper

Some people need a little spice in everything. And some of them have shunned cookies because they are never spicy enough for them. If you are one of them, then you are in good hands. It mashes together the sharpness of ginger and the hotness of pepper. This one is a dancer who loves to perform on people’s taste buds.

If you know someone who is a fan of spiciness, a box of these makes one hell of a gift.

Dark Chocolate

Is dark chocolate the most chocolatey among all the chocolates? We don’t pick sides in this debate. But we love hearing the discussion our customers engage in, as they indulge in our dark chocolate coconut cookies. This one is dark and chocolatey to its very core. It’s a favourite among chocolate connoisseurs and artists.

This messenger of the dark side has led astray several followers of the light.

Cinnamon & Spice

The second addition we made for our spice lovers. We borrowed this flavour from the mighty Dutch Speculaas, and like the Dutch sailor men of the past, this flavour has now become a legend. Our customers can’t get enough of this cookie’s cinnamon bite.

It’s also worth noting that this cookie has vowed to stay true to its Dutch flavour.


It’s a known fact that kids love it more than they love M&M’s. But kids are not the only fans. Many of our older customers have happily announced that this one is their favourite. They love hearing the crunch of M&Ms, as they bite into the crust of the cookie. Sweet tooths now get the double delight of chocolate and coconut.

You’ve already ordered one, haven’t you?


Pistachio is considered the king of flavours by many chefs around the world. Who can blame them? It is a known fact that pistachio turns everything into pure gold. This cookie is no exception. In fact, this one takes it a step further. This one brings out the flavour of pistachio like never seen before.

This immortal legend is a rock star with a huge fan base.