About Us

Hassanein, the master mind behind Nareel’s comes from a multicultural background and appreciates traditional dishes and recipes of both the Middle East and Europe. He has a passion for tastes and enjoys combining international flavours.

A few years ago he started baking coconut cookies, using Dutch Speculaas spices. It turned out to be a success among friends and family. It motivated him to try out various combinations of traditional spices from different corners of the world. Together with Michelle Tredoux, a master chef of Arabian tastes and preferences, he blended Middle Eastern dates, oriental spices and tastes of the Far East with coconut. The result was a brand new range of coconut cookies. They branded this as NAREEL’S.

Nareel’s is a place where cultures blend. The cookies of Nareel’s with their touch of international flavours have become one of Abu Dhabi’s favorite cookies.