Freshly Baked
Coconut Cookies

Welcome To Nareel’s

Nareel’s is the home of the best Coconut Cookies you are ever going to eat. Everyone who has eaten our cookies has wondered how we managed to capture the true essence of Coconuts inside a cookie. We have also created unique flavours that taste even better than they look. Our nutritious cookies are the perfect companions for all occasions.

  • “A good breakfast is a cup of kimbo coffee and Nareel’s Coconut Cookie.”.

    Charls, (Manager)
  • One day my mom gifted me a box of Nareel’s dark chocolate cookies. I finished the cookies within an hour and called Nareels for more.

    Tom, (Data Analyst)
  • Nareels is the home of the best cookies I have ever had. I always keep a box of them in my bag.

    Hannath, (Architect)